Our Story

Kream was created for amazing women who love fashion and who hate to be classified or put in a box. I am a mom in her mid-30s of 2 boys and I am a wife. But for some reason, I can't wear distressed skinnies and a vintage tee with combat boots? Plus size girls aren't suppose to wear crop tops even though they make crop tops in PLUS. Oh I get it! We are supposed to do and dress accordingly to society's comfort level. I did not know that!

Yea. This store is for women of all ages who simply like what they like. Looking good and being fashionable is part of the code. Young women who will be entering college from small country towns trying to figure out what is fashionable in these big cities. Or maybe you are the youngest female on staff who likes to wear heels even though the "elder women" keep giving you the side eye or keep asking you how you walk in those shoes all day. 

We do what we want. We dress how we want. And we look damn good doing it.